Pitch Sessions (Curtas do Mar)

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Curtas do Mar” is a programme of pitch sessions for presenting companies, institutions, projects, business, opportunities, technologies and other new “blue” products.

Do you want to pitch your business or your project? Send us your video! (máx. 5 minutes). Please register here.


Silencio develops innovative sustainable solutions to reduce underwater-noise impact of fisheries ecosystems assessing the use of electric propulsion by small inshore fishing boats. We spread the idea of an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and economically viable fishing sector.

Proyecto Atlazul

Atlazul es un proyecto que surge para potenciar la investigación, el desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación en las zonas del litoral Atlántico de Andalucía y Galicia, y de las regiones portuguesas del Algarve y Alentejo.

Porque deve trabalhar com o B2E // Why you should work with B2E

Porque deve trabalhar com o B2E? Descubra neste vídeo de três minutos, com Ana Rita Ribeiro, Gestora de Cliente // Why you should work with B2E? Check it out in this 3-minute video with Ana Rita Ribeiro, Client Manager.

Online education package for the offshore renewable energy sector

During this online courses you will learn the essentials of wave, tidal, OTEC and Salinity Gradient technologies and identify possible opportunities.

2ª Edição Bluact

Vídeo de divulgação da segunda edição do concurso para startups “Bluact”.


The COAST4US project intends to develop a study that validates and establishes COAST – cost-benefit analysis software for coastal interventions – as a reference tool at the national and international level, and thus, supporting coastal management decision making in Portugal, and around the world.