Pitch Sessions (Curtas do Mar)

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Curtas do Mar” is a programme of pitch sessions for presenting companies, institutions, projects, business, opportunities, technologies and other new “blue” products.

The 2020 virtual edition proposes a different format: participants can send their presentations recorded in video, which will be on display until the next edition of Business2Sea.


This video, broadcasted on the Spanish television, aims to present an overall view of ALGALUP project main objectives. Representatives of all the Spanish partners involved in the project, ANFACO-CECOPESCA, Universidad de Vigo and CETMAR briefly explain their work in ALGALUP.

IN 4.0 Project

IN 4.0 – Adaptation of industry 4.0 model to the naval sector is a project led by Diputación Provincial de Pontevedra in Galicia, Spain, and aims to promote the modernisation of the naval sector through the implementation of actions that help to transform SMEs in 4.0, identifying barriers that prevent the innovation of business model of naval sector, improving the companies productive processes, transforming the work organization systems, knowledge and commercialization, as well as training workers of the naval sector in new occupations /tasks.

Portugal Náutico

The Portugal Náutico Project was promoted by AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal and financed by the COMPETE Programme, within the scope of the QREN.
It took place between January 2014 and June 2015 and Fórum Oceano was the partner entity in its execution, having identified a set of actions to be carried out to promote the offer and internationalization of Nautical and Nautical Tourism in Portugal.


Culturmar, currently made up of 43 groupings, is created in 1993 aiming to defend, disseminate and dinamize the Galician maritime-fluvial heritage. In 2015 it was granted with the Galician Culture prize and among its activities stands out the Galician Meeting of Traditional Vessels.


This video presents the main results of SICAPTOR, a project co-financed with EMFF funds through the Fundación Biodiversidad. The iObserver electronic monitoring system developed to quantify in real time the total catch on board (including discards) was significantly improved by integrating AI tools.


Hydrosphere is an environmental technology-based company. We have wide experience in charactering marine and freshwater ecosystems and aquaculture production. Our main objective is to provide companies and institutions with support for a large range of projects in the aquatic environments.

Acuipesca Perú

Funded the Galician government through Galician Cooperation and led by CETMAR Foundation, the Acuipesca Peru project works in the Bay of Sechura, department of Piura, to increase the competitiveness of the small scale fisheries and aquaculture sectors through different actions .


BluAct is a European project for the transfer of good practices within the blue economy, aimed to explore startups and sustainable entrepreneurship support for investments related to the marine economy. The main goal of the BluAct Matosinhos contest is to support business projects.

FANBEST programme

This video aims to introduce FANBEST (Funding Atlantic Network for Blue Economy Technology Transfer), an Interreg Program funded through the European Regional Development Found. The main objective of the project is to foster the technology transfer to SMEs and connect funding and companies.


A 1 min video briefly explains the objective and key activities of SEAFOOD-AGE, an Atlantic Area project aimed at creating solutions towards healthier ageing while adopting the principles of the circular economy in the seafood sector.

COCKLES project

COCKLES project, aiming to restore the production and the services provided by cockles (bivalve) in the Atlantic Area, included a strong communication and outreach segment that generated literacy, awareness and engagement on multiple audiences. This short film focuses on examples of these actions.


The School of Tourism and Maritime Technology is a Public Higher Education Institution integrated in the Polytechnic of Leiria and one of its mission is to conduct service provision with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and investigation activities, in their RD&I centres, CITUR (tourism) and MARE (maritime science and technology)

AT VIRTUAL project

AT VIRTUAL-Open Innovation to improve response in maritime security and safety in the Atlantic Area (INTERREG VB Atlantic Area) aims to improve the operability and performance of Maritime Safety Training Centres by enabling startups to develop emerging technology-based solutions in the field of simulation-based training systems for maritime security operations.

Fish n' Greens

Fish n’ Greens grows and delivers the ultra-organic, local fish and vegetables that the European Consumer demands, embracing the “Farm to Fork” strategy and contributing to make Europe’s food system the gold standard for sustainability.

Institute of Marine Research

The video introduce some of the success stories of collaboration of the Institute of Marine Research with the industry, and summarizes their capacities on research and innovation.

Aixola Training Centre

Aixola offers Vocational Training in the fields of timber, composites, onboard electricity and mechanics, sails, pneumatic boats, binding fishing nets, and technical plastics (polyethylene and polypropylene). Aixola promotes labour insertion fulfilling the maritime-sector needs.

GROW Project

The GROW project –Long-range Broadband Underwater Wireless Communications– aims to develop a novel solution for timely long-range, high bitrate underwater wireless communications. The solution combines short-range wireless technologies (e.g., radio, optical), intermediate AUVs as data mules, and long-range acoustic communications.

B2E Business Matching Profile

Welcome to Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB Business Matching Profile and get to know us!


NANOCULTURE, a project led by INL, is focused on understanding the effects of nanoparticles for aquacultured organisms, and developing analytical tools for rapid measurement of NPs concentration, aiming at mitigating this territorial risk and protect the consumer.


GAIA FIRST plans to build a boat equipped with a waste to energy transformer (Gasificator) in order to collect and convert to green energy 25 tonnes of floating plastic per day. This system will be self sustaining and it can be used to clean up garbage patches, and heavily polluted coastal areas.

CleanAtlantic project

In the CleanAtlantic Project different case studies are being carried out focus on the retrieval of marine litter. This video summarizes the work developed to test the efficiency of a trawl gear adapted to remove marine litter from the seabed. The hauls were filmed by an underwater camera.

Fórum Oceano

Fórum Oceano – Association of Maritime Economy is the entity responsible for fostering the Portuguese Maritime Cluster, a Competitiveness and Internationalisation Cluster recognised by the Portuguese Government.


MUSSELECT aims to develop low cost and scalable methods to produce mussel seed with improved performance and survival characteristics. For this, dehydrated diets are used, the reproducers are selected and seed handling protocols are optimized.


SEATRACES is an Interreg Atlantic Area project aimed at demonstrating to stakeholders (production, industry, markets) and consumers that labelling and traceability are essential to protect and valorize Atlantic Area’s fisheries and aquaculture.

Colorimetric Optrode for CO2

Colorimetric optrode for real time monitoring of dissolved CO2 in Freshwater Aquaculture Environment.

The investigation demonstrate the construction and test of a compact and robust device and unlike other sensors , forced convection is not required for correct and fast detection. Tests performed showed that this new sensor has a fast and accurate detection.


ALTERNFEED 2 validates the effect of sustainable alternative feeds on the growth of trout, partial inclusion of insect meal, microalgae and proteins and oils recovered from cooking water, observing a different effect on the growth of fish.


The H2020 AquaVitae project (2019 – 2023) works on the sustainability of aquaculture production of species at the lowest levels of the trophic chain. The project unites 35 international partners. http://www.aquavitaeproject.eu

Legacy of the Explorer Magellan

The importance of the legacy of Fernão de Magalhães, in a testimony of James Garvin, NASA’s chief scientist, for the Mission Structure V Centenário Fernão de Magalhães.

Almadesign Nautical Portfolio

Almadesign is a 23-year industrial design company driving innovation through design projects in the Transport sector, presenting several successful projects within the Nautical sector.

Força do Mar

“Força do Mar” is a registered brand since December 24, 2018. This brand is composed of several products, namely congresses/events, industrial products. The brand intends to grow and evolve through its products linked to the sea.

Desporto Escolar - um Mar de Oportunidades!

School Sports a Sea of ​​Opportunities – Nautical Activities accessible to all.

Lancha Praia da Costa Nova

The “Praia da Costa Nova” boat is a 1945 vessel, which aims to combine the nautical culture of the Aveiro Region by transmitting it to our customers through events and sightseeing tours.

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