Baris Salihoğlu

Middle East Technical University-Institute of Marine Sciences (Turkey)


Baris Salihoğlu, Professor of Oceanography at the Middle East Technical University-Institute of Marine Sciences (Turkey) since 2009, is the director of the institute since 2016. He leads the DEKOSIM project for establishing a new centre of excellence (Centre for Marine Ecosystem and Climate Research) funded by the Turkish Ministry of Development. This CoE strives to be the national as well as regional (Southwest Europe) leader in marine ecosystem observation and forecasting. His research interests cover a variety of topics, which range from mathematical modeling of marine ecosystems to descriptive physical oceanography. His main research focus is on exploring marine ecosystem and biogeochemical dynamics via the combination of modeling and data analyses. He works on development of biogeochemical cycle models in North Atlantic, Mediterranean and the Black Seas. Recently he has established a blue growth center that will focus on promoting the sustainable growth of marine sectors at national scale. Dr. Salihoğlu and his team have actively contributed to the development of the Black Sea Blue Growth Strategic and Research Agenda and Dr. Salihoğlu is the coordinator of the EU funded H2020 Black Sea CONNECT Coordination and Support Action.