Fabio Trincardi

Italian National Research Council (CNR)

Director of the CNR Department of Earth System Science and Environmental Technologies

After his degree in Geology at the University of Bologna, Fabio Trincardi specialised in marine geology and geophysics (USGS Menlo Park). His scientific interests focus on the evolution of continental margins from the shoreline to the abyss, integrating geophysical, sedimentological and geo-chronological methods, and on the study of past climate regimes. Former Director of the CNR Institute of Marine Science (ISMAR) in Venice, since 2016 he coordinates the BlueMed Coordination and Support Action, a project funded by the EC under H2020 for supporting the BlueMed Initiative. He was the coordinator of EURODELTA, contractor in other 12 EU projects, and, at national level, coordinator of the RITMARE Flagship project (Italian Research for the Sea) and of the Geological-Mapping Project of the Italian Seas. He has been principal investigator in Industry-supported projects on slope stability, seismic-geomorphology and stratigraphic modelling, participating in 35 scientific cruises (Mediterranean, Pacific Ocean, Antarctica). For several years on the editorial boards of Geology, Marine Geology, Geo-Marine Letters, he published about 200 papers on refereed journals and books and was Guest Editor on five special issues on Geochemistery, Geophysics, Geosystems (2008), Marine Geology (2016, 2006, and 2005) and Oceanography (2004).