Felix Rohn
European Commission, DG Employment

Policy Officer, Skills & Qualifications Unit

Felix Rohn’s professional start made him explore the markets of Central and Eastern Europe as they emerged in the early ‘90.

Equipped with this experience, he then worked in a project team for the monitoring and assessment of the EU Phare Programme, which paved the way to the EU enlargement in 2004.

In 1998 he became a civil servant in the European Commission where he worked in the policy fields ‘enterprise’, ‘higher education’, ‘vocational education & training’ before he changed to ‘skills and qualifications’ where he is working today. In DG Enterprise he drafted the first EU funding guide for the tourism sector; in DG Education & Culture he worked for the Tempus programme in Eastern Europe, and for the Leonardo da Vinci programme, where he coordinated the work of the National Agencies.

Today in charge of the ‘Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills’ he is the interface between his ‘skills and qualifications’ Unit in DG Employment and sectoral units in other DGs in the Commission.