Iker Uriarte

Aquaculture Institute, Campus Puerto Montt, Universidad Austral de Chile

Titular professor

Iker Uriarte holds a Ph.D in Biological Sciences. Starting as associate professor (1996), he became titular professor in 2003 at the Aquaculture Institute, Campus Puerto Montt, Universidad Austral de Chile. He conducts mollusk larviculture and culture research to support developing of new species at Hatchery of Marine Invertebrates (HIM) and contribute to the development of aquaculture diversification in Tenth Region of Chile. He teaches the courses “Mollusk Culture” and “Aquaculture Diversification” on aquaculture development and resources for PhD and Master programs and for undergraduate programs.
Before that, he was associate researcher (1993-1998) at the Laboratory of Fishing Resources, Chiloé, Instituto de Fomento Pesquero (IFOP), Chile. During that period, he was main researcher in scallop larviculture, and collaborator in oyster and clams larviculture with the support of CORFO (Ministry of Economy) Associate Researcher (1991-1992) Coastal Marine Research Station, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Las Cruces, Chile. Activities: Carry out research in scallop larviculture for technology transference.
He is author of a number of scientific papers, books and chapters, PhD supervisor and researcher in national and international projects.