Noelia Ortega Ortega

CTN-Marine Technology Center

Blue economy mentor at Digicirc accelerator.

Noelia is expert in innovation and technological cooperation projects for a blue economy. She is currently CEO of CTN-Marine Technology Center and advisor of the European Commission.

Noelia is an Automation and electronics engineer with advanced studies in Digital Technologies. She has more than 20 years of experience in practical innovation and technological cooperation for the blue economy. She is CEO at CTN, a private non for profit making association to boost the innovation of the maritime sector. In her role as Director, Noelia puts her passion and energy into launching new services and products within CTN to support the competitiveness and sustainability of maritime companies and organizations. Noelia leads the team of researches and technologists to make things happen and to deliver results to create differentiation and growth for the blue economy.

As coordinator of a portfolio of innovative projects, Noelia is used to collaborate with academic environments in different specialization areas, as well as with public and private stakeholders. She is also involved in attracting and managing National and European funds (H2020, Horizon Europe and other European Calls and Tenders) to support the innovation within CTN and its partners. She is currently exploring synergies among publics funds and venture capital to boost innovation for the blue economy.