Piet Haerens



pIEt Haerens is future driven, passionately inspired by Nature, science, philosophy, beauty and experience. He is infinitely curious and has a great urge for learning. Thanks to his many interests, he quickly makes connections between things that apparently have nothing to do with each other. In this way he comes with original ideas and looks at things from a different perspective. He is convinced of regenerative design and actions based on a paradigm shift that starts with accepting that we are part of Nature and inseparably connected to it and depend on it. He obtained a MSc. diploma in Coastal and Marine Studies at the University of the Algarve (Portugal), followed various courses in business management, but also “biomimicry” and “design / system thinking”. He has experience in both project management and general business management, including 2 years as CEO of IMDC and as founder of HAEDES.