Rui Azevedo

Fórum Oceano

Senior Strategic Advisor

Rui Azevedo has been Secretary-General of Forum Oceano between 2010 and 2021. He developed a relevant activity of coordination of projects in different maritime sub-sectors, with the support of European Funds. Previously, Rui Azevedo held the position of Vice-Chairman of the CCDR-N (The North Regional Coordination and Development Commission) and was founding, partner and CEO of Quaternaire Portugal S.A. At international level he was Director of the Maritime Peripheria Forward Studies Unit of the ‘Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions of Europe’ (CPMR), where he had in charge the coordination of several studies, namely the “Europe of the Sea”, CRPM’s contribution to the design of the European Strategy for the Sea. As consultant near CCDR-N, he had in charge the coordination of the “Ocean Agenda of the North Region”.
Rui is graduated in Economics (University of Porto), and he is a part-time Guest Lecturer at Engineering Faculty of the Porto University (FEUP).