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Programme B2Sea 2020

Presentations B2Sea 2020

Andreea Strachinescu

Head of Maritime Innovation, Marine Knowledge and Investment Unit – DGMARE

Kim Kreilgaard

Head of Lisbon Office, European Investment Bank

Daniela Cedola

Director for the Blue Invest platform, PWC

José Gamito Pires

Digital Bank for Clients, BNP Paribas

Rui Ferreira

Executive Vice President, Portugal Ventures

Javier Fraga Díaz

Director of ABANCA MAR

The IN 4.0 Connect platform, advantages of cross-sector connections and clustering

Yvonne O’Byrne, Cork Institute of Technology

Darren Hayes, DARE Technology, Ireland 

Three Years of the Atlantic Area KETmaritime Project

Ana Vila, INL

Current Pilots Deployment with SME in the KETmaritime Project

Paula Rico Cotelo, AIMEN Technology Centre

Cases Studies and Future Opportunities for KETs in the Maritime Industry

David Santos

Roadmap: KETs as Growth Enablers in the R&D Maritime Sector

Rory Scarrot

KETmaritime Legacy Beyond 2020

Jonathan Williams

The experience of INLARVI on international cooperation: Challenges in R&I in cooperation with European organizations 2020-2022

Iker Uriarte

Aquaculture Institute, Universidad Austral de Chile

Opportunities for Ibero-American organisations to participate in European RTD projects

Marina Martínez

Spanish Office of Science and Technology (SOST) – CDTI

INVIPESCA network: vision and mission. Past, present and future of this network

Rosario Domínguez

Spanish Institute of Oceanography

Challenges and possibilities for fisheries in Brazil

Paulo de Tarso Chaves

Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba

Conceição Santos

DGPM – Directorate-General for Maritime Policy (Portugal)

Javier Fernández

WestMED Central Team


Stephanie Vella

National Hub Malta

Ports and Maritime Transport

Mario Dogliani

CS Mare Foundation

Investments and Financing Blue Economy

Michael Adams

Ocean Assets Institute

Marta Pascual

National Hub Spain

Frédérick Herpers

Hational Hub France

Salem Miladi

National Hub Tunisia

Ocean Assets Institute

Stephanie Vella

National Hub Malta

Leonardo Manzari

Hational Hub Italy

Ruben Eiras

National Hub Portugal


Malouli Idrissi

National Hub Morocco

Flow-Manufacturing system

Diogo Oliveira, Foodintech, Portugal

Digital App for Oyster Harvesting Inspection

Catherine Goligher, Derry and Strabane District Council, Ireland

Oyster Farm Enviornmental Condition Monitoring

Dick Timmons, WiSAR Lab, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland

Digitising a Paper Based QA system in Salmon Processing

Kieran McGee, WiSAR Lab, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland

AspBAN Project

Ruben Eiras, Fórum Oceano

Pedro Rocha Vieira, Beta-i

Cees Willem-Korneef, PORT XL

Nate Nasralla, Global Accelerator Network

Elise Wattrelot, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe

Michael Adams, Ocean Assets Institute

Edel O’Connor, Irish Maritime Development Office

Karolina Iwanowicz, Kaleido

Frédérick Degret, NOAH

Nuno Araújo, APDL

Andres Guerra Sierra, Port of La Coruna

Carlos Figueiredo, Docapesca

The relevance of the marine dimension in the cross-border programming instruments of the Euro-region Galicia – North of Portugal

Luis Domínguez

University of Vigo

The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Galicia – North of Portugal: promoting cross-border cooperation in the blue economy of the Euroregion

Graça Fonseca


Proposal for the creation of a cross-border test site as a technological driver for the Euro-region Galicia-North of Portugal 

Susana Bastón, CETMAR

Carlos Pinho, INESC-TEC

Caminha Oil spill Exercise: a successful experience of “cross-border” and “cross-programme” cooperation

Carlos S. Fernandes

Hydrographic Institute of Portugal

The Nagoya protocol: an intricate legal solution for a number of laudable goals

Ibon Cancio, University of Basque Country, Spain

How to avoid being a biopirate: EBB project experience helping marine genetic resources users act legally

Fiz da Costa, University of Vigo, Spain

Observation as a pillar for resilience: from data to indicators

Carmen Castro


New technologies as an opportunity to move forward: Effects of erosion

Jose Pinho

Universidade de Aveiro

INVIPESCA network: vision and mission. Past, present and future of this network

Rosario Domínguez

Spanish Institute of Oceanography

O Projeto jUMP

Erica Cruz, WavEC


Vera Lopes, DGRM

Tecnologias para monitorização de ruído subaquático

Clara Rodrigues, FCUL

Estado da arte nas águas continentais

Filipa Sobreira, ISPA

Utilização de modelos de propagação

Beatriz Caetano, LNEC

FUCOSAN Project: open fucoidan database

Alexa Karina Klettner

University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein

Macro and microalgae in the BIOSEA project: Contents of priority compounds, their dynamics and main uses

Erik-Jan Malta


ALGANAT project: Sigweb. Tool formapping the spatial evolution of macroalgae and evaluation of their physiological

Joaquín Martínez

University of Vigo

AlgasAAGproject: Sustaibable management plans for macroalgae. Guidelines for sustainable macroalgae management and aquaculture

Javier Cremades

Universidade de A Coruña

AGREFINE project: The potential for processing seaweed using fermentation

Priya Pollard

Bantry Marine Research Station Ltd

Videos of the sessions B2Sea 2020

Conferência Comemorativa do Dia Nacional do Mar “The Blue economy in the EU Green Deal: financing the blue economic recovery”

Workshop do Projeto IN4.0 – “IN4.0 Connect and International Best Practices”

Evento final Projeto KETmaritime – “Transfer of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) to the Maritime Industries”

Workshop WestMED Initiative – Priorities for next years

Workshop Projeto SAFER – “Demonstration of innovative technologies to the seafood industry under the Atlantic Area Project SAFER”

Atlantic Smart Ports Blue Acceleration Network: start-up a Blue recovery

Workshop project EBB: Do not be a biopirate: the European Blue Biobank can help you use marine genetic resources legally

Workshop projeto jUMP: Monitorização do ruído submarino em águas portuguesas 

Workshop on cross-border cooperation

Fostering resilience to climate change in coastal areas: the MarRISK project experience along the coast of Galicia and North of Portugal (MarRISK project)

Round table “Knowledge transfer opportunities on macroalgae exploitation”